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GSU Business Aviation Leadership

GSU Business Aviation Leadership

Upcoming Events

Access Summit

VanAllen will host the Access Summit in Las Vegas, NV on October 11th.

Upcoming Events


NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition Las Vegas, NV

Upcoming Events

CJI Miami

Corporate Jet Investor (CJI) Event, Miami, FL

Upcoming Events

CWRU Aviation Leadership Program

VanAllen has partnered with The Weatherhead School of Management to present a course designed to develop emerging leaders in aviation.


Lease Turnback Oversight

The end of an aircraft lease has significant financial exposure. VanAllen will navigate this delicate process on your behalf.


Pre-Delivery Inspection Oversight

Before transacting a pre-owned or new aircraft, VanAllen can be your technical advocate. Management of this process ensures its timeliness and cost management.


Strategic Fleet Planning

As your organization’s strategy evolves, so will your travel needs. VanAllen can ensure your travel resources match these needs by creating a roadmap to success.


Needs Analysis

New to private travel or considering a transition from fractional to ownership? The VanAllen Needs Analysis is designed to give you a high-level understanding of various on-demand travel options.


Disposition Services

VanAllen’s unique approach to brokerage provides our clients a fully transparent and smooth transaction experience. From pre-selling strategy to the final sale, we partner with you to ensure optimal results.


Acquisition Services

Whether you buy new or pre-owned, each aircraft transaction is unique and complex. VanAllen’s vast experience will ensure you achieve the greatest value. Further, VanAllen will help manage all phases of the process; from first thought to first flight.


Performance Reviews

Are you looking for more than a traditional safety audit? Our Performance Review provides a deep understanding of not on only operational issues, but organizational design, human capital, and risk management, particularly those risks that often are ignored by traditional aviation audits.


Risk Reviews

Although risk is an inherent part of aviation, the focus on operational risks often overshadows the Business Risks. We know the ways to identify and manage this exposure…


Organization Assessments

Understanding the current state of your Aviation Team is critical to achieving goals of the organization. Our approach to assessing your Aviation Team uses trust and credibility to foster engagement and collaboration for a thorough review of the Team.


Leadership Development

We are passionate about continued betterment of the industry. From customized solutions to organized learning, we have created several opportunities to develop emerging leaders as well as continued improvement for experienced industry veterans.


Compensation Assessments

Do you wonder how compensation at your organization compares to your peers? Our compensation reviews use a holistic approach to examine multiple industry benchmarks as well as our proprietary information gathered from working with hundreds of clients.


Leader Searches

An effective leader is the key ingredient of a successful Aviation Team. Our approach to finding your leader focuses on the vision, purpose, and goals of the organization.