VanAllen Insights

Giving Thanks in 2023

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Thanksgiving is a great time to share how grateful we are! In the past, VanAllen has mailed Thanksgiving greetings to share how appreciative we were of our personal and professional relationships. Recently, we switched to e-communicating our appreciation and including a couple of special groups that we support. We hope this helps increase awareness for these organizations, as they invest their resources in young people who are interested in aviation.

First, Project Liftoff is more than a scholarship. It is the boldest student-success program in Embry-Riddle history. The program recruits high-potential students from underrepresented populations with need and supports their success—every step of the way. Project Liftoff provides full tuition and board, mentors, career advising, leadership development and more to ensure program participants soar. Please contact Mary Lynn Ulch at to support Project Liftoff.

Next, Challenge Air For Kids & Friends exists to build confidence and self-esteem in children and youth with special needs through the gift of flight. Remarkable events at regional airports across the country are bringing together volunteers and families for an unforgettable experience. There are many ways to get involved and support this fantastic cause! VanAllen has enjoyed sponsoring and volunteering our local Fly Days at Falcon Field!

VanAllen is proud to support the efforts of these groups. We send our best wishes and sincere thanks to all for a wonderful holiday season.