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Flight Attendant Usage

The application and use of Flight Attendants (FAs) or Cabin Safety Attendants (CSAs) is commonly debated in business aviation.  VanAllen ‘s recent LinkedIn poll results highlighted the range of policies associated with flight attendant usage.

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Aircraft Delivery Delays

VanAllen’s most recent poll showed that over 80% of respondents experienced a delay in their most recent new aircraft delivery. Many of those were in flux right up until the final delivery time. So while you may have negotiated the aircraft deal that made financial sense, did you properly consider the risks associated with delivery timing? Most new aircraft purchase agreements include excusable and non-excusable delay provisions that afford the manufacturer a large delivery window without penalty. Delays can create significant costs and frustrations to the buyer. 

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Pilot Staffing

In this VanAllen Insights article, CEO Jeff Agur outlines considerations for pilot staffing and the impact it has on aircraft availability and quality of work life. We polled our LinkedIn followers on how their departments are staffed, per aircraft and we share those results as well.

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Giving Thanks in 2023

This is a great time to share how grateful we are! In the past, VanAllen has mailed Thanksgiving greetings to share how appreciative we were of our personal and professional relationships. Recently, we have switched to e-communicating our appreciation, and sharing a couple of groups that we support. We hope this helps increase awareness for these organizations, as they work hard to support young people interested in aviation. Please read more about these fantastic groups!

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VanAllen presents – The Aircraft Life Cycle

There is a lot to understand about the Aircraft Life Cycle. VanAllen offers a full-service approach when it comes to helping clients work through any and all aspects of private aviation. For over 30 years, our team of top aviation consultants have been supporting organizations through all phases of the Aircraft Life Cycle. We’ve created a short video to help understand some of biggest hurdles of ownership that VanAllen has helped clients overcome. We’re eager to find out more about your specific needs and how we can support your organization and Aviation Team.

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Podcast – Don Henderson on the Business Aviation Collective

n this episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Don Henderson from the VanAllen Group. Don, a former Director of Aviation and Chairman of NBAA CAMC Committee and PDP Approval Committee

Don is passionate about mentoring aspiring leaders and igniting those “lightbulb” moments in others.

Throughout the episode, we delve into various topics, including the essential qualities of great leadership and what it takes to excel in an Aviation Leader role. We explore how to create value for those around us and how top-notch aviation teams can achieve success in the marketplace.

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Webinar – Navigating Private Aviation: A Guide to the Industry

In this webinar, hear from Mike Francis, Managing Director and SVB Private’s head of Private Aircraft Finance, and Jeff Agur, CEO of private aircraft advisory firm The VanAllen Group, as they explore the current state of the private aviation marketplace. They discuss non-ownership and ownership options, share best practices to help you avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes, and equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision about the various solutions available in the marketplace.

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Roger Rose on 50 years of IOC for NBAA

VanAllen Consultant, Roger Rose is a Former Chairman of the International Operators Conference (IOC). In this video, commemorating 50 years of IOC, Roger speaks about his time as an active member and his unique insights to the group. He pushed for change, overcame challenges and continues to celebrate current NBAA members working towards growth and improvement. Join VanAllen in congratulating Roger on having a significant impact on Business Aviation around the world!

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VanAllen Celebrates 30 Years!

VanAllen turns 30! It was a different time on March 1st, 1993; gas prices averaged $1.07 per gallon and Whitney Houston and Duran Duran topped the charts. Seinfeld was on most televisions and our CEO, Jeff Agur was in his senior year at Georgia Tech. But the real magic was happening in the den at the Agur house, where Jeff’s mother, Elaine was nervously pacing and his father, Pete was embarking on a new adventure. He had vision, commitment, and one client – The VanAllen Group was founded and ready to take off.

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Podcast – Human Capital Gains

Without people, airplanes don’t fly. Owning, maintaining, and managing business aircraft is complex, and most focus on the physical assets, technology, and financing. But the “human capital” – the people who fly, maintain, and service the aircraft – are just as important. Listen as Jeff Agur and Don Henderson discuss how bizav’s success depends on how well the people aboard the aircraft and on the ground are chosen, how they are trained, and how effectively they communicate with each other, in Human Capital Gains.

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Giving Thanks in 2022

This year in lieu of mailing greetings, we’ve partnered with two incredible organizations that are inspiring the next generation of aviation enthusiasts – Challenge Air For Kids & Friends and The Ron Alexander Youth Aviation Program (RAYAP).

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Professional Development

Leadership is key to running a successful Aviation Team and Don Henderson can speak to this from his personal experience as a pilot and from years of experience working with Aviation Teams to strenthen their organizations. In this video, Don speaks specifically about some of the challenges Aviation Leaders face and how individuals can overcome these obstacles. Professional Development is a fantastic way for Directors of Aviation to grow in their skills and Don highlights some of the pros as well as where to find the best resources.

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Maintenance Service Plans

Peter Zeeb and Colby McDowell discuss aricraft Maintenance Service Plans in our latest video. Peter addresses the advantages of having a plan in place – especially for resale, risk mitigation, predictability and financing. Selecting the best options for your plan requires research to determine what is the best fit for your operation.

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Podcast – NBAA Flight Plan

Listen as Jeff Agur, VanAllen CEO and Lori McGee, partner, Jetstream Aviation Law speak with NBAA about important aircraft transaction considerations. With business aircraft inventory at all-time lows, some buyers may feel pressured to cut corners in transactions. Don’t take shortcuts with your pre-purchase inspection, say two experts – that part of the transaction is critical in ensuring no unpleasant surprises await.

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Podcast – Reduce Financial Risk

Jeff Agur and Don Henderson spoke with Gil Wolin of Business Aviation Advisor Magazine about minimizing the financial risks of your aviation department. Jeff and Don talk about the equations that work best to create value, increase revenues and reduce financial risks.

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Business Aviation 101

What is Business Aviation? What does it mean to “fly private” and who’s doing it? VanAllen CEO Jeff Agur helps break down the basics with Managing Directors Colby McDowell and Don Henderson in less than ten minutes! Find out if on-demand travel is the right fit for you or your organization by learning about different types of ownership, aircraft and reasons people chose to fly private. Current trends in the industry and special considerations regarding how on-demand travel can fit your needs are discussed.

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VanAllen Managing Director, Don Henderson offers his insights on Staffing your Aviation Department in our latest video. He discusses ways successful aviation departments staff for their needs and addresses certain challenges and risks when it comes to building the best team for your organization.

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Aviation for Humanity

VanAllen has partnered with Aviation for Humanity to sponsor programs for Dare to Dream – a Botswana-based non-profit organization that provides youth education to empower the next generation of aviators and aviation enthusiasts. This fall, VanAllen covered expenses for thirty girls from Mahupu Unified Secondary School to leave their village and explore an airport. The day was filled with aircraft tours, meeting with pilots and engineers and getting hands-on experience with 3D modelling – including assembling a model of an Airbus A380.

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Safety – Part 3

In our final video of the VanAllen Insights three-part Safety series, Jeff Agur, Don Henderson and Peter Zeeb talk about the major role that Maintenance plays in managing risk. Peter describes the benefits of bringing technicians and maintenance to the table at the onset of safety culture.

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Safety – Part 2

In the second part of this three part series, Jeff Agur, Don Henderson and Peter Zeeb discuss Safety Standards. Is your department using an external standard to set the operational bar? Our VanAllen Managing Directors swim through the alphabet soup of acronyms and what they mean to the Aviation Team and the parent organization. Peter addresses how standards can help protect maintenance departments – but also recognizes that not all standards are appropriate for all teams.

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Project Liftoff

VanAllen is a proud supporter of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s (ERAU) Project Liftoff program and delighted to see the first scholarship recipient, Jerry Bracey II begin his college education as an incoming freshman at the David B. O’Maley College of Business.

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Safety – Part 1

In part one of a three part series, VanAllen Managing Directors Jeff Agur, Don Henderson and Peter Zeeb define safety in business aviation. Don dives into strategies to develop categories of your operation’s risk appetite and how to operate the most effectively. Find out more about how your aviation team and executive team can work together to define strategic goals around risk management.

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Don Henderson offers his insights about Aviation Leadership in this video. He will talk about what to look for in an aviation leader, outsourcing leadership and whether or not the aviation team leader should be a pilot. Don’s experience as an aviator, plus decades of consulting with Aviation Departments makes this expertise invaluable.

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Aircraft Management: In-House vs. Managed

In this VanAllen Insights video, we discuss some of the considerations of aircraft management. The question of In-House vs. Managed aviation departments is a complex one. Both scenarios present pros and cons. Jeff and Colby will touch upon the service expectations, financial implications, owner experience and more…

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Human Capital

VanAllen Managing Director, Don Henderson talks about the importance of investing energy into the people who make up your aviation department. Topics include individual assessments, values, culture, leadership, compensation and other important issues affecting the people who make up the aviation department…

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Aviation Fleet Planning

During this VanAllen Insights video, Jeff Agur and Colby McDowell discuss the importance of a well-timed Aviation Fleet Plan. Jeff and Colby address the basics of Aviation Fleet Planning, who should be involved, when to conduct an Aviation Fleet Plan and common pitfalls during the process. For more information, visit…

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Buying Aircraft

In this VanAllen Insights video, Jeff Agur and Colby McDowell discuss Buying Aircraft. Together they break down the details of what a prospective buyer should know when it comes to ownership, the market and making important decisions. Contact us to discuss your needs…

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Aircraft Maintenance – Part 2

In Part of 2 of Aircraft Maintenance, Peter Zeeb and Colby McDowell talk about the importance of accurate record keeping and documentation…

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Aircraft Maintenace – Part 1

Join Peter Zeeb and Colby McDowell as they discuss Aircraft Maintenance in this two part series. The two talk about maintenance strategies, OEM vs. third-party considerations, categories of maintenance and how to utilize aircraft downtime…

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Trust in the Workplace Part 2: The Trust Test

The absence or erosion of trust has been the root cause in 69% of nearly 100 projects I have been involved with over the last two years. But how do you know if you have a trust issue within your team…

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