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Podcast – Don Henderson on the Business Aviation Collective

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In this episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Don Henderson from the VanAllen Group. Don, a former Director of Aviation and Chairman of NBAA CAMC Committee and PDP Approval Committee

Don is passionate about mentoring aspiring leaders and igniting those “lightbulb” moments in others.

Throughout the episode, we delve into various topics, including the essential qualities of great leadership and what it takes to excel in an Aviation Leader role. We explore how to create value for those around us and how top-notch aviation teams can achieve success in the marketplace.

We’ll also explore intriguing questions like why the Scheduler and Dispatcher roles are not typically associated with the Director of Aviation position. Unravel the secrets of gaining an invitation to the Leadership Table and learn how schedulers can demonstrate their worth to leadership roles.

In addition to these discussions, we touch on the Executive MBA, the importance of expanding one’s skill set beyond aviation, and programs like the GSU Business Aviation Leadership Program and Darden’s Certificate in Corporate Aviation Management. Don emphasizes the significance of advocating for yourself and provides a comprehensive step-by-step performance review for an Aviation Leadership Plan.

Don’s valuable advice includes networking beyond the hangar, seeking out leaders in your industry, and learning to effectively communicate your story.

Connect with Don on LinkedIn or reach out to him at VanAllen to benefit from his wealth of knowledge and experience. Join us for this enlightening episode as we uncover the secrets to successful aviation leadership.

This episode is proudly sponsored by The Business Aviation Collective and LD Aviation Services.

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