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Don Henderson offers his insights about Aviation Leadership in this video. He will talk about what to look for in an aviation leader, outsourcing leadership and whether or not the aviation team leader should be a pilot. Don’s experience as an aviator, plus decades of consulting with Aviation Departments makes this expertise invaluable.

4:34 min

VanAllen Insights

Aircraft Management: In-House vs. Managed

In this VanAllen Insights video, we discuss some of the considerations of aircraft management. The question of In-House vs. Managed aviation departments is a complex one. Both scenarios present pros and cons. Jeff and Colby will touch upon the service expectations, financial implications, owner experience and more…

6:02 min

VanAllen Insights

Human Capital

VanAllen Managing Director, Don Henderson talks about the importance of investing energy into the people who make up your aviation department. Topics include individual assessments, values, culture, leadership, compensation and other important issues affecting the people who make up the aviation department…

8:30 min

VanAllen Insights

Aviation Fleet Planning

During this VanAllen Insights video, Jeff Agur and Colby McDowell discuss the importance of a well-timed Aviation Fleet Plan. Jeff and Colby address the basics of Aviation Fleet Planning, who should be involved, when to conduct an Aviation Fleet Plan and common pitfalls during the process. For more information, visit vanallen.com…

9:08 min

VanAllen Insights

Buying Aircraft

In this VanAllen Insights video, Jeff Agur and Colby McDowell discuss Buying Aircraft. Together they break down the details of what a prospective buyer should know when it comes to ownership, the market and making important decisions. Contact us to discuss your needs vanallen.com…

10:44 min

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