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VanAllen was founded in 1993, and 2023 year marked 30 years of dedication to the aviation industry. We are thankful for all the support from clients, industry partners, and friends in aviation who have helped us achieve this milestone.

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9 Tips When You Have a New Reporting Executive

Change is the only constant.  This holds true in all areas of our lives.  As an aviation leader, you will experience many changes: team changes, aircraft changes, regulatory changes, and company changes just to name a few.  But a change in the executive responsible for aviation, or Reporting Executive, can have a significant impact on you and your team. 

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VanAllen Insights

Aging Aircraft Considerations

When aircraft age becomes a consideration for you, there are several aircraft-specific factors that influence a sound replacement strategy.

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VanAllen Insights

Flight Attendant Usage

The application and use of Flight Attendants (FAs) or Cabin Safety Attendants (CSAs) is commonly debated in business aviation.  VanAllen ‘s recent LinkedIn poll results highlighted the range of policies associated with flight attendant usage.

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VanAllen Insights

Aircraft Delivery Delays

VanAllen’s most recent poll showed that over 80% of respondents experienced a delay in their most recent new aircraft delivery. Many of those were in flux right up until the final delivery time. So while you may have negotiated the aircraft deal that made financial sense, did you properly consider the risks associated with delivery timing? Most new aircraft purchase agreements include excusable and non-excusable delay provisions that afford the manufacturer a large delivery window without penalty. Delays can create significant costs and frustrations to the buyer. 

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VanAllen Insights

Pilot Staffing

In this VanAllen Insights article, CEO Jeff Agur outlines considerations for pilot staffing and the impact it has on aircraft availability and quality of work life. We polled our LinkedIn followers on how their departments are staffed, per aircraft and we share those results as well.

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