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Professional Development

Leadership is key to running a successful Aviation Team and Don Henderson can speak to this from his personal experience as a pilot and from years of experience working with Aviation Teams to strenthen their organizations. In this video, Don speaks specifically about some of the challenges Aviation Leaders face and how individuals can overcome these obstacles. Professional Development is a fantastic way for Directors of Aviation to grow in their skills and Don highlights some of the pros as well as where to find the best resources.

6:42 min

VanAllen Insights

Maintenance Service Plans

Peter Zeeb and Colby McDowell discuss aricraft Maintenance Service Plans in our latest video. Peter addresses the advantages of having a plan in place – especially for resale, risk mitigation, predictability and financing. Selecting the best options for your plan requires research to determine what is the best fit for your operation.

7:47 min

VanAllen Insights

Negotiating: Skills and Strategies for Hiring

Don Henderson of VanAllen and Roman Sheremeta discuss the importance of negotiating as it applies to staffing your aviation department. Sheremeta discusses how successful negotiating can reveal what really appeals to a person and how you can best match your needs to the best candidate. This topic, along with important discussions in Critical Thinking, Strategic Decision Making and Communication will all be addressed in an upcoming, week-long, in-person class.

2:14 min

VanAllen Insights

Negotiating: Finding your Style

VanAllen has partnered with Weatherhead School of Business at Case Western Reserve University to present a week-long, in-person class this April. The sessions are tailored to Aviation Leaders, and will focus on building skills in critical thinking, strategic decision making, and negotiating. In this video, one of the session instructors, Roman Sheremeta, Phd discusses how negotiating will be examined by placing participants in real-life scenarios, challenging them to try new techniques and addressing behavorial biases.

2:17 min

VanAllen Insights

The Value of Aviation Leaders Downtown

VanAllen has partnered with the Weatherhead School of Business to build an exciting program for Aviation Leaders. The class begins on April 25th and registration is still open for aviation professionals looking to grow their skills in strategic thinking, problem solving and negotiation.

2:03 min

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