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VanAllen Insights

Safety – Part 3

In our final video of the VanAllen Insights three-part Safety series, Jeff Agur, Don Henderson and Peter Zeeb talk about the major role that Maintenance plays in managing risk. Peter describes the benefits of bringing technicians and maintenance to the table at the onset of safety culture.

4:30 min

VanAllen Insights

Safety – Part 2

In the second part of this three part series, Jeff Agur, Don Henderson and Peter Zeeb discuss Safety Standards. Is your department using an external standard to set the operational bar? Our VanAllen Managing Directors swim through the alphabet soup of acronyms and what they mean to the Aviation Team and the parent organization. Peter addresses how standards can help protect maintenance departments – but also recognizes that not all standards are appropriate for all teams.

7:18 min

VanAllen Insights

Project Liftoff

VanAllen is a proud supporter of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s (ERAU) Project Liftoff program and delighted to see the first scholarship recipient, Jerry Bracey II begin his college education as an incoming freshman at the David B. O’Maley College of Business.

< 1 min

VanAllen Insights

Safety – Part 1

In part one of a three part series, VanAllen Managing Directors Jeff Agur, Don Henderson and Peter Zeeb define safety in business aviation. Don dives into strategies to develop categories of your operation’s risk appetite and how to operate the most effectively. Find out more about how your aviation team and executive team can work together to define strategic goals around risk management.

6:55 min

VanAllen Insights


Don Henderson offers his insights about Aviation Leadership in this video. He will talk about what to look for in an aviation leader, outsourcing leadership and whether or not the aviation team leader should be a pilot. Don’s experience as an aviator, plus decades of consulting with Aviation Departments makes this expertise invaluable.

4:34 min

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Mike Bradley